Genealogy Forms from Tweed River Associates


Fill-in forms help capture information. Find the forms that help with the way you like to work. The following forms are samples that have been gathered from other websites.

These and many other types of forms can be found at websites like those listed here:

A Tip from Fred!

My favorite forms are PDF fill-in forms. These forms allow you to type (rather than handwrite) your information and then save it within the form; no handwriting headaches!

(The writeable areas will look blue when the form is displayed in most PDF readers. The Microsoft Edge browser PDF capability does NOT support fill-in forms at this time.)

Download the base form to your computer or tablet. Whenever you are ready to fill it in for a particular person or family, make a copy of the form and rename it to the name of that individual or family. Be consistant with your file naming so that these computer files are easy to find. For example:

  • - "Base_INDIVIDUAL Pedigree Chart.pdf" renamed to "Smith, Jeff b1897 Pedigree Chart.pdf" [Pedigree Chart for Jeff Smith who was born in 1897]
  • - "Base_FAMILY Unit Chart.pdf" renamed to "Smith-Jones m1923 Family Unit Chart.pdf" [Family unit chart for husband Smith and wife Jones married in 1923]

PDF fill-in forms listed below are marked with an "*".

Individual Forms

* Pedigree Chart

From Classic four generation pedigree chart as a PDF Fill-in Form.

* Individual Work Sheet

From Mid-Continent Public Library. Single page PDF fill-in form for an individual.

Research Checklist

A variation of an individual worksheet. This one includes spaces for each of the US Federal Censuses from 1790 to 1940.

Sources Checklist, Type A

From the Puget Sound Genealogical Society. A checklist of possible resource to research for a particular person.

Sources Checklist, Type B

A checklist of possible resource to research for a particular person. A different variation of the previous checklist.

Family Forms

* Family Unit Chart

From Mid-Continent Public Library. A two page PDF fill-in form. File out one Family Unit Chart per Marriage/Pair. When a child marries, create a new Family Chart for that new Family. If a person gets re-married after a death or divorce, create a new Family Chart.

Research Forms

* Research Log

What resources have you checked and when did you last check them? Use this PDF fill-in form to keep track of searches for this particular objective.

Correspondence Log

Sending out information requests via regular mail or email are part of the research process. Use this form to keep track of which requests are still outstanding, what results you have received, etc.